Whipped Cherry Pie At JT Schmid's, Our Drink Of The Week!

Truth be told, when friends want to meet for drinks, our Switzerland is BJ's. Yet we found ourselves at The District one happy hour, and negotiations concluded at this other brewhouse. After scanning JT's booze options, the most intriguing choice also doubled as my “least likely to request”.

The Whipped Cherry Pie martini conjured up twisted mash-ups involving Twin Peaks and 80s hair bands that weren't Bon Jovi. Oh, and models writhing on car hoods with come-hither looks. And I wanted to order that because?

Well, it sounded better than the standard laundry list of Cosmos and fruity concoctions. Combining dual vodkas, sweet & sour and pineapple juice, we braced ourselves for a gag reflex. It just never happened. In fact, we threw it back quicker than most cocktails (maybe recovering from the flu had something to do with it).

It's as rich as any dessert, yet balanced enough to avoid an overdose of sweetness. Juice that is normally acidic by itself takes on another personality when blended with both cherry and whipped cream vodka. No chocolate swirls or sugar rims necessary; this was plen-ty.

We still think there's some dirty inside joke the bartenders snicker about when it's ordered, but we'll order a second round anyway.

JT Schmid's has locations in Anaheim and Tustin. Click here for their website.

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