'When I Read the Article, I Wanted to Kill Myself.'

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Great article on the Brotherhood of Eternal Love; makes me actually want to attend the Sawdust Festival [Nick Schou's “Lords of Acid,” July 8]. One thing was bugging me, though: the article states that one of the hippies OD'd on psilocybin, and frankly, I don't think that's possible. On a trip to London earlier this year, I consumed 100 grams of mushrooms in one sitting, with no ill effects, unless you count watching dancing Aztec figures on a blank wall for three hours an ill effect.


Nick Schou responds:Griggs died after experimenting with a Swiss-made, highly concentrated form of synthetic psilocybin. Don't try that at home.

I want to thank Rich Kane for the write-up, but I also want to say how totally disturbed I was by it [“Kurt Lives!” July 8]. Sure, there are some grungy songs on our album, but half of the songs are in styles Nirvana never would have touched. The fact that Nirvana was mentioned in, like, every sentence makes me want to stop doing what I'm doing (sorry, but I will never stop). Who wants to be OC's answer to anything, let alone Nirvana's legacy? I can't tell if you honestly like us or if you hate us so much that you wrote the article to destroy us. Unfortunately, we are only humans with complicated things like emotions and egos, and when I read the article I wanted to kill myself. But then that would just be one more thing for you to compare me to Kurt.


Like the saying goes, “Nobody walks in LA,” but Greg Haidl just might [R. Scott Moxley's “Haidl Claims Judge Screwed Him,” July 15]. What a travesty if that happens!


Those four kids [the three defendants and the victim] were doing what they ALL FOUR wanted to do that night; illegal, immoral or otherwise. The lawyers turned the girl into a hostile victim. This is a story about bad lawyering, not rape.


Gustavo, why do you say “we” in your story about racist packaging by Latino companies [Gustavo Arellano's “Special on Sambo, Aisle Dos!“]? Do you or any of us here have any control over what images Latin America uses to sell its products? No. Stop blaming yourself and other Americans of Mexican or Latin American descent for what Mexico and Latin America do. You're always beating yourself up. You don't have to grovel or apologize to anybody for anything. I bet the liberals there love you since you're always putting yourself in your place.


Just found “Ask a Mexican” surfing the web. Has to be some of the funniest shit I have ever read. There is nothing like this over here in North Califas. Gustavo is like the Jedi Knight of Mexicans, like el pinche lil' mono verde Yoda. I will be referring “Mexican” to all the gabachos, pochos and coconuts that ask me why Mexicans are afraid to flush toilet paper down the toilet. I'm sure someone already asked that one.


I am assuming that what your, um, reporter, wrote about Nick Carter and the death penalty thing was a joke, right [Steve Lowery's “Diary of a Mad County,” July 8]? And the part about the success of his group being proof of the absence of God was also a joke? It wasn't funny. I do not condone drunk driving, but to even suggest something like the death penalty, even as a joke, is in very poor taste. And by the way, all five Backstreet Boys do believe in God and credit Him with their success.


If Nick Carter received the death penalty, I would ask to be given the death penalty too!


Thanks for slagging Beck—wide-eyed in the pew learning the history of psychiatry with Tom Cruise at the Scientology “Celebrity Center,” no doubt. And was it charity that led you to overlook the execrable hash of “orale” that produced the title Odelay[Gustavo Arellano's “Ask a Mexican,” July 15]? Plus “Soy un perdeedoh?” Ugh. Glad you finally called him on this crap.


I'm sure you're aware that young Vietnamese-Americans do not share the same bitter view as their parents [R. Scott Moxley's “Losers Again,” July 1]. For the most part, they think like you when it comes to Vietnam. I'm a Vietnamese-American in my late 20s; came here at a young age and I believe we need dialogue first, then economic change, then the human rights and political change will follow. I just want to say one more little thing that I notice you didn't mention in your article. That is, the ex-South Vietnamese who do these protests are usually nobodies, most likely just mouthpieces, like Margie Rice. The educated South Vietnamese, for the most part, have accepted defeat and came to terms with the new Vietnam a long time ago. They do not want to protest and consider those who do to be chess pieces. Unfortunately, these people are generally so secluded today that we're—I'm—left with these loudmouths to “represent” me. Of course, I'm not in a strong position to tell these Little Saigon loudmouths to just shut up, that would be too disrespectful of me since I'm expected to show elders respect. But you, a white American, can say it fine. So please, keep up the good writing.


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