What you missed over the weekend: Part VII

Remember R. Scott Moxley's challenge to a certain former sheriff? The one in which he dared Michael S. Carona to play the contents of secret tapes containing conversations between himself and former assistant sheriff Don Haidl? The same tapes Carona said would prove his innocence?! Well, Mox threw down the gauntlet over a month ago, and, unsurprisingly, the Carona camp didn't take it up. Instead, over the weekend, the news broke that Carona's attorneys filed a motion to throw said tapes out. Hm. Do we smell a rat or a big fat chicken? Or some bastard hybrid breed? Give it up, Carona and Caronies.

Other things that transpired over the break:

Dave Segal spent Friday night at Detroit Bar and reports it was “your basic hipster dance party starring NYC mash-up DJ Pase Rock and a club full of Cokey McCokersons.” Cuddly.

Also on Fri: Waleed Rashidi went to see the Circle Jerks at the Pomona Glass House. In last week's edition of OC Weekly, Ryan Ritchie determined that “getting old sucks, especially for a 52-year-old punk front man famous for singing 'Live Fast, Die Young.'” Though the Weekly piece sounded like a death knell for the Jerks, Wal found them bouncing across the stage “with the nervous activity of a fourth-grader whose Ritalin prescription expired last month.”

Saturday night found Reza Allah-Bakhshi at Surf City Saloon where the bar owner got him liquored up on the house as he watched the Generators, Longway, Unwanted Guests and Blacktop Idol take the stage. His lens was broken, but Reza took some killer shots anyway. On Sunday, Reza made his way to Detroit to see 8MM and the Papercranes. Read his take here.

LYT spent Sunday night watching the WWE Royal Rumble in Hi-Def at the home of Snakes on a Plane executive producer Jeff Katz: “In case you're wondering, surprise entrant John Cena won the 30-man main event, which will place him in the main event of WrestleMania this March, most likely against Randy Orton. Hmmm, that match sounds familiar…

In other happy news, our Amanda Parsons (who was recently freed from Real Housewives review bondage) got herself a brand new Mini Cooper over the weekend. Amanda's old ride was totaled on the 22 Freeway earlier in the month – after being stolen and beaten up last year. Here's hoping that's the end of those auto woes.

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