What you missed over the weekend: Part IX

The Gothla Festival hit Fullerton from Friday to Sunday, and we were there in full force. Christopher Victorio took some beautiful pictures of the ladies gyrating in all sorts of intricate outfits at Saturday night's Gothic Gala. (Check those out here.) Luke Thompson and Derek Olson were also in attendance and will be posting some video on Navel Gazing later today.

Clubs photographer Fever Dragon spent Friday evening on board The Rocket Boat in Alamitos Harbor for a punk lineup that included the Friendly Neighbors, Ashtray Babies, Vomit Bomb N Bad Parents. “It was probably one of the best live shows I've shot,” said he and we agree. Drunkenness and debauchery should always be caught on camera. Jeff Phifer was on the boat too, and gave us his two cents on the increasingly popular venue.

Gustavo Arellano kept his Friday ritual of dining at Jason's in Downtown SanTana and ordering the same thing: Corsican calamari with a Bloody Mary, extra spicy. Dave Segal was also in Long Beach Friday for Que Sera's Good Foot monthly and watched as three DJs spun 60s/70s/80s dance tunes. “This night has been going for over nine years and it still draws sizable crowds,” he notes.

On Saturday, Christopher took his camera to LB for a Haute Dogs Bulldog Beauty Contest and ran into Quinn Fry from Real Housewives, who was judging the doggies. Talk about an events whore…CV snapped her at the Anaheim Ducks Casino Night at the Honda Center and Amanda Parsons and Erin DeWitt bumped into her at OC's Most Eligible Bachelor Auction (where she bought her own boyfriend) just last month. Pup and bitch photos later.

Speaking of clubs editor Erin DeWitt, she celebrated moving out of Fountain Valley and into a lovely home in Santa Ana Saturday night and several Weekly kids were there for the housewarming. Also on Saturday, the folks from Freedom Communications held auditions at the Grove of Anaheim for some upcoming lamesauce OC Register entertainment web feature. (We were going to have Rich Kane audition, but he was too busy looking for some way to skip town at the Los Angeles Times Travel Show.)

Sunday night took Le Receptionist, Leslie Agan, to Detroit Bar to see The Black Lips. Sounded like a good time if you enjoy sweat, spit and silly string.

Elsewhere, in some dark, undisclosed region of the county, we suspect a clever couple or two made pre-Valentines Day use of Dave Segal's “In Sound We Thrust” bedroom playlist.

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