Gift This, Not That: Jamie Oliver Edition

With the busiest Amazon Prime/stand-in-line season already here, we thought it’d be useful to offer a morsel of culinary shopping advice. For the person that has everything (or the person who can afford to buy everything), this is our version of a PSA: Public Shopping Announcement. Our subject is none other than one of the original celebrity chefs, Jamie Oliver. He’s got two projects circulating the Interwebs this season, and us Weeklings wanted to bring them to your attention.

Gift This: Jamie Oliver: 5 Ingredients – Quick & Easy Food

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. For extra busy people who want to cook at home, but don’t want to get bogged down by recipes. Every recipe is comprised of five ingredients. Really. Okay, we’re guessing he’ll say salt, pepper and olive oil don’t count (which really, they shouldn’t). Get it from a third party, as it’s currently only widely available in the UK. Better yet, get a digital copy and save yourself the shipping.

Not this: Jamie Oliver’s Land Jaguar Land Rover Discovery

If we had a Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous voice, we’d be using it right about now. There’s no doubt that we love a cool car as much as the next person, but . . . .this is too much. With gadgets and gizmos aplenty, this decked out model is courtesy of Land Rover’s SVO: Special Vehicle Operations. Not to be confused with the Law & Order edition, this is about as cook/chef-happy as it gets. It’s got a trio of wheel-mounted butter churners, for starters (the fourth one is an ice cream maker, in case you were wondering). A 4.7 litre crock pot is mounted on the engine bay. OH, and the rotisserie and pasta cutter are hidden behind the Land Rover badge up front. There are still a dozen other features we can’t get ourselves to mention, but let the toaster photo above be your guide. We love you, Jamie. Just not in a Land Rover kind of way.

Learn more about Jamie Oliver and his side hustles at

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