What It's Like To Be Taylor Swift, In Illustrated Form

We're in awe of Taylor Swift and we're not saying that ironically–which, sadly, is how Swift initially viewed Lena Dunham's follow on twitter. “I was really scared [Dunham] was being ironic,” Swift told Rolling Stone. “But I decided to follow her [back] anyway, just in case.”

Swift and Dunham are now bffs who play dress-up in vintage night gowns (pretending to be pioneer women) in Swift's penthouse apartment in New York City. Will this friendship with a quirky, acclaimed industry 'It' girl assuage reluctance from the 25-34 crowd to give Swift more credit for being her own brand of brilliant?

Recently Swift pulled off an ultimate gift to her most loyal fans: she bused fans to her personal homes in Los Angeles, New York, Nashville (and into a hotel in London), and invited them into her living room for a private listening party of her new album, 1989. Swift took Polaroids with every fan, let them play with her kitten, and baked cookies.

The question now is: Taylor Swift, can we be friends?

Here's what the superstar had to say about what it's like to live under the media's microscope. Quotation above via rollingstone.com.


–via rollingstone.com

–via rollingstone.com

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