What Happened to Coachella Predictor Monklish?

By: Niyaz Pirani
If you're like us, you've been hitting refresh on a handful of websites nearly every day since October in eager anticipation of the slightest rumor leaking out about the Coachella 2014 lineup. That list was finally revealed on Wednesday night on the festival's official Facebook page, and, while we do have another solid Goldenvoice billing on our hands, we couldn't help but notice something missing this year in the whole pre-festival hoopla.

Longtime Coachella predictor Monklish, long-rumored to be an industry insider who has run one of the most prolific Coachella prediction websites on the Internet since 2008, barely made a peep this festival cycle, leading us to wonder: What happened to Monklish?

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Sure, it's inside-baseball for nerdy desert-going gormandizers, but for a website that touts itself as the “most accurate Coachella speculation source,” she–and we know this because the anonymous blogger reveals she's a female in non-profit publishing in Berkeley–only posted twice this year at monklish.blogspot.com, with her final 2014 list published Dec. 6.

She's previously given us heads up on huge names including Paul McCartney, Kanye West, Gorrilaz, Radiohead and many more–even going so far as to correctly predict, within hours, when the lineup would be revealed one year. Unfortunately, the last post on the blog contained an uncharacteristic number of misses (most notably A Perfect Circle, Death From Above 1979, Guided by Voices,Odd Future, Pixies, Ratatat, Sleater Kinney and Tori Amos), which has been disheartening considering how great the website was in the past.

Even more worrisome, she hasn't posted a picture of the official lineup since it was released.

If Monk is gone for good, we'd like to tell her how much it's been appreciated–and it's been a fun ride … R.I.P. In the meantime, we'll be maniacally checking updates on www.consequenceofsound.com as the rest of the summer festival lineups slowly get patch-worked together.

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