What Did The Chilean Miners Eat?

Flickr user rescatemineros
Life underground? Slimming!

Well, thank God the mine rescue is going well, and it looks like all 33 of the trapped miners are coming home. What did they eat to survive the 69-day ordeal?

According to reputable reports online, “The first 17 days they rationed two spoonfuls of tuna, half a cookie and a half-full [ed – not half-empty?] glass of milk every 48 hours.” How did the milk stay cool enough not to spoil, I wonder?

Once the miners were found, supplies were sent through a hole just 3.19 inches in diameter. They were sent hydration gel and soup. Eventually, the were fed a solid-food diet of meatballs, chicken and rice with a strict intake of 2,200 calories so they could stay slim enough to fit in the rescue capsule.

They were made to exercise every day so they'd be fit enough to hold a confined position for the hour-long trip to the surface. Doing a few crunches would be a welcome distraction if you're stuck underground for two months, and I guess at that point, you'll be reeking as badly as the next guy, so why not?

Sidebar, but local–did you notice all the Oakley shades those guys were given? Good product placement exclusive, Oakley Marketing peeps! Way to hustle the product deep underground before anyone else could.

The men watched live feeds of futból games, and were given an HD video camera with which they could record their ordeal. Did they blog the ordeal, though? That would be something.

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