What Can You Do With 7,000 Marshmallows? A Window Display!

Over 7,000 marshmallows….as a holiday window display. Requiring hours of work, a keen eye, and lots of hot glue. That's what the industrious crew at Roadkill Ranch have gifted Fullerton this holiday season–take THAT, gingerbread house!

Owner Robert and Julie Rasmussen, pride themselves on decorating their hip-as-hell clothing store on a budget. Robert proudly proclaims how he literally built the store from the ground up with $22,000. Yet the store's cozy country-western vibe, rock-wall fountain, and incredible details don't look liked they were created on the cheap.

And then, the marshmallows.

With the help of Heidi Fleshman and Maggy Slater, who work alongside the Rasmussens like family, the marshmallow and other food displays were put together out of odds and ends around the shop.

The result is a candy cane tree with Christmas bulbs full of coco-sized marshmallows; a tinge of the Rasmussen's edge seen in the Santa raven perched on a branch. Marshmallow stalactites covered in beautifully geometric patterns entomb the tree and a couple of mannequins.


The construction was a bit tedious at times, with Fleshman getting more hot glue burns than she'd have liked. She joked that the marshmallows were haunting her dreams–but it's probably true. Saturday night the group hosted a free smores bar for the art walk, complete with hot coals to roast the marshmallows over.

You can come in to ogle at any time, but Roadhouse asks just one thing: no bites, please!

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