What a Bunch of Knobs


Dynamics—they used to be a given in recordings cut during the analog era. Now, apparently, we need an organized body to notify the music industry's tastemakers and consumers weaned on MP3s that a song not compressed to hell is not fatally flawed. What the fucking fuck?!

Read all about this tragic state of affairs here, while the old grump typing this post tries to decompress (rimshot).

The money quotes from Turn Me Up!™'s manifesto:

Turn Me Up!™ is a non-profit music industry organization campaigning to give artists back the choice to release more dynamic records. To be clear, it's not our goal to discourage loud records; they are, of course, a valid choice for many artists. We simply want to make the choice for a more dynamic record an option for artists.

Today, artists generally feel they have to master their records to be as loud as everybody else's. This certainly works for many artists. However, there are many other artists who feel their music would be better served by a more dynamic record, but who don't feel like that option is available to them.

Tip: My former colleague Jason Pettigrew

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