Weird, Fun Gig at UC Irvine Tonight


Bird Names: Straight-up winging it…

Acrobatics Everyday has another big show tonight for the cognoscenti and curious over at the UC Irvine campus' Phoenix Grille, 8 p.m., $5. Here's your lineup, darlings:

BIRD NAMES Ramshackle, eerie Fall-like indie rock from Chicago.

WUMMIN Psychedelic avant-opera duo from LA.

IMAGINE “THE” BAND From LA, a fucked-up performance art/“a cappella ambient comedy” ordeal; the ideal opening act for grimly lame “comedian” Neil Hamburger.

JEHOVAH'S FITNESS Purveyors of scrappy, tuneful lo-fi rock for whom a shoestring budget would be a step up in production.

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