Weezer – The Glass House – November 6, 2014

The Glass House
November 6, 2014

Beyond dimly lit canyon roads and past a mysterious castle in Chino Hills you'll find The Glass House. Weezer, one of the most popular post-grunge bands of the '90s took the stage last night, performing at the fifth show of their eight-stop tour and they decided to start the night off with an intimate acoustic set.

The audience sang, “Goddamn you half-Japanese girls/Do it to me every time” from Weezer's song “El Scorcho,” released in 1996. The crowd — an eclectic mix of nerds in flannels and punks in denim vests — all attentively watched and chimed in. Towards the back of the venue, a security guard pulled an underage girl aside as she was drinking by the bar and escorted her out as a older man showed his medical stash to his friends. Rivers Cuomo, lead vocalist, announced that up next they would be performing a song they'd yet to do on tour from the album Make Believe, released in 2005.

They began to perform “The Other Way” and fans laughed and devotedly sang along with the chorus. Cuomo yelled out to the sea of bodies standing before him, as well as those above peering over the balcony, “Here we are again at the Glass House.” Fans whistled and screamed and the band seamlessly transitioned to “Back To The Shack” pointing the mic towards the audience. Next up was “Island In The Sun” and the band debuted a slowed-down rendition of the favorited track as iPhones were grabbed and videos for Snaphat and Instagram commenced.


A tapestry of woods and some prehistoric-looking creatures with mean teeth covered the backdrop of the stage, matching the album art for their most recent album Everything Will Be Alright In The End. “Ah, yeah!” Cuomo's alter ego on the concept album Sebastian said in a Ferris Bueller-type octave. He began to sing, “My girls a liar but I'm still beside her” from the track “No Other One” and they finished off their acoustic set with the still-classic “Buddy Holly.”

Following the acoustic set, Weezer began an additional set of songs from the new album, played in the order in which it was recorded and released. The repeated songs were done this time with more entertaining lights and somewhat entertaining transitions between songs (that were also sort of bizarre and not necessarily well received) before wrapping it up with an encore of “I.The Waste Land “II. Anonymous” and “III. Return To Ithaka.”

Nevertheless, the hook-heavy, teen-angst band left the crowd satisfied and hyper, with concertgoers being ushered out of The Glass House into the old antique neighborhood of Pomona and trickling off into the distance.

Acoustic Set
El Scorcho
The Other Way
Back To The Shack
Island In The Sun
No Other One
Buddy Holly

Set List
Ain't Got Nobody
Back To The Shack
Eulogy For A Rock Band
Lonely Girl
I've Had It Up To Here
The British Are Coming
Da Vinci
Go Away
Foolish Father

I. The Waste Land
II. Anonymous
III. Return To Ithaka

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