We Try It So You Don't Have To: Boysenberry Latte At Knott's Berry Farm

Starbucks has gotten on the theme park bandwagon as of late. First, they joined forces with the mouse and sold limited-edition Disney mugs and tumblers that you can only purchase within the theme parks (We're selling ours– ka-ching!). Then, they collaborated with the Buena Park destination to serve a specialty drink only offered at one spot inside Knott's. Talk about exclusivity.

We were invited to join a friend on her boysenberry crawl, and took the opportunity to hunt down this mythical latte. It's not listed on their map, so we played tourist until a helpful boy serving boysenberry slushies found out for us. It's at one end of the Boardwalk, across from Johnny Rockets in a walk-up called Gourmet Coffee Hut. If not for a small sign with the familiar green goddess, you wouldn't realize they served Starbucks unless you actually read the menu.


It was tasty without being too sweet. We thought our $3.99 grande with whip was the best boysenberry-flavored treat consumed all afternoon. After wondering where they purchased their syrup, we learned from a manager inside Berry Market that Starbucks orders them by the case. Go figure. The syrups are priced at $9.99 for 12 ounces. Its ingredient list: cane sugar, boysenberries, water, lemon juice, pectin.

Making a stop at the coffee hut is worthwhile if you're a Starbucks lover and find yourselves craving sweets after Camp Snoopy. An iced version is possible upon request. Just don't get boysenberry wasted, like we did.

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