We Try 6 More Trader Joe's Nut/Cookie Butters

Since our last taste test, Trader Joe's has still been at it with their spreadable edibles so, naturally, we're doing another taste test. Some of these spreads are veterans of the TJ shelf while others have recently taken to shining under the florescent light. Grab some milk, because things are about to get sticky.

This time, we try cashew butter, peanut butter with flax and chia seed, fig butter, cocoa-almond spread, cookies and creme butter, and cookie and cocoa swirl.


Cashew Butter

Like many of Trader Joe's' alternative peanut butters, cashew butter tastes exactly how it sounds. While you may be peeved at the lack of a crunchy option, creamy won't break any cashew lovers' hearts. It delivers exactly that you're expecting.

But when they say “creamy,” they mean creamy. Similar to Trader Joe's sunflower seed butter, the cashew butter is hard to control from knife to toast but once it gets there, you won't need much to get this butter's pronounced and nutty flavor for your breakfast or snack.

Spread on: toast
Pairs with: grape jam

Peanut Butter with Flax & Chia Seeds

Eat your heart out, super-foodies, because this one is for you. The main ingredient in this butter should be “health-nut” [Editor's note: ಠ_ಠ] with all the benefits this butter has, am I right? All dad jokes aside, this peanut butter is actually pretty good. Crunchy, earthy and virtually sugarless, this version of peanut butter won't have you missing the peanut butters of yesteryear for very long. This stuff is packed with texture and health benefits that will fill you up with fiber, omega-3s and protein. Keep that New Year's resolution going.

Spread on: Granny Smith apples
Pairs with: honey

Fig Butter

Fig lovers only get the summer and early autumn to really “fig-out” before the season ends. Sure, there are always dried figs but the juiciness of a fresh fig is half the reason they are so enjoyable. Luckily for you, the fig butter from Trader Joe's will mend your broken fig-loving heart and bring you that fig flavor all year round. This available spread also means that any cheese platter you plan to assemble in the future contains all the proper components. Go forth and entertain.

Spread on: crackers
Pairs with: cheese (Camembert, Brie, Spanish Manchego)
Cocoa-Almond Spread

This is probably one of Trader Joe's' better blatant rip-offs. While Nutella may be the shining star in our pantries, the cocoa-almond spread can glint pretty bright as well. This equally smooth spread lends more depth to the chocolate-y snack through the almond character. But, because this is still Trader Joe's and when they copy something, they do it right, the trained Nutella eater will be able to detect some hazelnut in the cocoa-almond spread as well.

Spread on: anything
Pairs with: everything

Cookies & Creme Cookie Butter

Spoons at the ready, folks. Cookies & Creme Cookie Butter is here and it's so ready to be eaten by the jar. It's safe to say that this spread from Trader Joe's is milk's favorite cookie butter. The best part about this spread–other than its existence–is that it satisfies all of those pesky discrepancies about which part of the Oreo cookie is best. (The cookie part, duh). Scoop from the cookie part or frosting part for maximum spreadable cookie pleasure. Or, you know, just eat all of it.

Spread on: other cookies
Pairs with: a spoon

Cookie & Cocoa Swirl

I know I said this was a list of “spreadable edibles” but really it's just a list of foods that you can eat right out of the jar. Trader Joe's' original Cookie Butter, one-ups itself with the cookie & cocoa swirl. While I was less than impressed with the original Cookie Butter, the cocoa blend adds a much-needed balance to the intense graham cracker and cinnamon flavors of the original.

Spread on: finger
Pairs with: Netflix

Well, Trader Joe's, you sure know how to make us swoon with your nut butters and spreads. We'll be here when you decide to make a walnut butter, a pistachio butter or a Girl Scout cookie Thin Mint spread (Please do that last one).

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