We Rank All Seven Miguel’s Jr Breakfast Burritos

With our Boozy Brunch issue currently available, we were inspired to tackle breakfast in its many forms. The B48 Special currently going on at Miguel’s Jr offers early risers the opportunity to purchase a breakfast burrito on a weekday morning for half-off the regular price before 8 a.m.. Not being super familiar with all their burrito options, we took the time one morning to meet friends there and tackle all of them (That way, we only felt a fraction of the guilt.) We then took it a step further and decided to rank them in order of preference. We won’t call ourselves a breakfast burrito expert (that’s what El Jefe is for), but for the sake of research, this brekkie fan was up for the task.

7. Spud
All burritos had two ingredients in common: eggs and a flour tortilla. After that, it was a matter of combinations, cheese or no cheese, etc. With cheddar and chile verde marinated potatoes, the Spud was (for lack of a kind way to describe it) a basic bitch. The tender spuds and mass quantities of cheese made for one goopy meal. One contender had to be last, and this was it.

6. Green Pig
Considered the house favorite, the reason Green Pig didn’t rank higher may be because we don’t frequent this chain. Its only difference between them and the Spud being the inclusion of chile verde marinated pork. Sadly, we were underwhelmed. The use of a tortilla that’s thinner than what we’re used to (sourced fresh locally, per our Miguel’s contact, Michelle), meant that our pig was almost spilling out. Things were looking up, though.

5. Chorizo
The first of two classic, Mexican-style breakfast options, their sausage was a game-changer. The Chorizo burrito reminded us that refried beans did an excellent job of binding together all the ingredients.
While cheese was an add-on for an extra charge, we wanted to try all of the handhelds exactly as they were listed. Those potatoes also managed to make another appearance. For whatever reason, the chorizo taste was very subtle, forcing us to place it at the bottom half of our ranking.

4. Carne Asada
Now this is a meat-lovers burrito. It isn’t just steak— we’re talking sizable chunks of grilled beef. It’s also the most expensive of the offerings. However, all of the Miguel’s Jr options are of a certain heft. It holds up to the potatoes and cheddar, making us happy. A splurge meal for brekkie, our Carne Asada didn’t skimp on meat.

3. BRC con Huevos
Nearing the top of our rankings, this seemingly simple bean/rice/cheese blend worked. Just add eggs, and you’re golden. Cheaper than our basic Spud, a unique attribute of this option was that it was the only burrito with rice. Also, BRC con Huevos was one of two choices without potatoes. The second being . . . .

2. Machaca
Our second Mexican-style breakfast ranked very high. Assembled with bell peppers, onions and tomatoes, it made for a more balanced meal. Machaca came with an option to swap out the protein with shredded chicken, but beef was definitely the way to go. Also, isn’t it kind of weird to consume both chicken and eggs at the same time? Maybe that’s just us. Refried beans got us full, making us glad we didn’t consider adding cheese. When we asked Michelle what was the best-seller, she remarked that it was a toss-up between this and our number one.

1. Sunrise
An Americanized blend of good stuff, simply take the Spud and throw in bacon. Our favorite pork product made all the difference. It was our version of what a textbook breakfast burrito resembles. When in doubt, you cannot go wrong with a simple Sunrise.

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