We Care!

Photo by James BunoanWho Cares? The Duane Peters Story screening
The Brigg, Huntington Beach
Fri., May 20

JFA lead singer Brian Brannon just before a little beach-blanket bongo: Friday night's premiere of the Duane Peters biopic CitizenDuane—oh, wait, it's called WhoCares?—started two hours late—maybe 20 years late, depending on what you were riding under the freeway on Flower Street in 1983—but Brannon's reunited (and half-Arizona-transplanted) skate-punk band saved a show that was sliding toward sedation. By 11:30, it was like Club Mesa used to be: the Stitches quitting four songs in, people falling over tables and Duane alone in a corner, wondering where he'd lost his “Rosebud.” (James Bunoan)

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