Wax On, Wax Off: Agenda Tradeshow in Huntington Beach

ASR, usually the
surfing world's biggest tradeshow, will be hard pressed this year to compete
with the success of the Agenda Tradeshow this past weekend. Held at the Hyatt
Regency in Huntington Beach
, Agenda saw a wide assortment of designers,
surfers, artists and industry types converge for probably the largest gathering
in the event's history.
The event in
Huntington seemed to represent and support a new shift that has been underway,
at least locally, in the business of the surfing world.

“Agenda was an important
event for the new surf industry. Companies like RVCA, Obey, Hurley and some new
smaller companies were really well-represented. Volcom had a presence, too…it
was a strong shift away from that whole Quiksilver, O'Niell, Billabong, Rip
stigma in the industry,” said one vice president at a local apparel
company, speaking on condition of anonymity. “A lot of business got done there,
instead of everybody just partying and getting shit-faced. It was nice to see
actual trading going on at a tradeshow.” 


But the
diversity of vendors, the sleek web marketing and the huge attendance roster
made the event a success for the industry as a whole, both old and new.

ASR, held in San
Diego each year, usually trumps agenda as the leading tradeshow for the
industry. But this year, Agenda stepped it up, asserting itself as a competitor
for the role of leading industry tradeshow.

To see a slideshow of Agenda, just click here.

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