Watch The Seabirds Rock This Lipdub Video

We submit for your consideration the air-guitaring, crotch-grabbing girls of the Seabirds Truck in what's possibly the first American lipdub video by a restaurant. If the Academy had a category for Best Lipdub by a Luxe-Lonchera, they'd walk away with a golden trophy.

If you scour the interwebs, you'll find the French lipdub by students at the Institut Paul Bocuse, and Canadian one by soup restaurant Soupe & Cie, but to our knowledge, Seabirds' video is a first by an American restaurant crew.


The Birds are taking requests for their next video on their Twitter feed. That's to say, they're tossing a gauntlet for other restaurants to come up with their own lipdubs. Dave reported earlier today that Jason Quinn is poking fun at himself over that recent customer service dust-up, so we'd formally like to request The Playground's cover of Judas Priest's Burn in Hell.

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