Watch Iron & Wine Play Entire New Album Live

Singer/songwriter Samuel Beam, better known as Iron & Wine, has done something quite different promoting his forthcoming album, Kiss Each Other Clean (due Jan. 25). Last night, he performed the entire album live with his backing band at WNYC's venue the Green Space in New York and recorded the performance. He's played some of these songs in concert before, but this was the first time he played the complete album in order. Be sure to catch Iron & Wine in Los Angeles at the Wiltern on Jan. 25 and 26. 

[via Spin Magazine]
Iron and Wine's Setlist

“Tree by the River”

“Big Burned Head”

”Biting Your Tail”

”Half Moon”

“Monkeys Uptown”

“Mouth of the River”

“Summer in Savannah”

“Godless Brother in Love”

”Rabbit Will Run”

”Me and Lazarus”

“Boy With a Coin”

“Naked As We Came”
Watch Iron & Wine cover New Order's “Love Vigilantes” on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon! (NBC):

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