Walt Disney Company: Insurance Claims, Murder and Suicide, Oh My!

Let us be clear about this very early: there wasn't some weapon-wielding costumed Mickey Mouse running down Main Street popping people, nor was some disgruntled Toy Story 3 producer slipping cyanide capsules in movie-goers jugs of soda. 

That said, the Walt Disney Co., proprietors of The Happiest Place On Earth, hasn't been making everybody happy as of late.

Six property owners living near the massive Walt Disney Co. campus in Glendale, Calif., have filed insurance claims in regard to damage of their respective properties during the construction of a childcare center on the campus.

Residents reported that their homes were shaking so much that cracks appeared throughout their house. Damage estimates range from $8,000 to $40,000, with some claims including $11,000 in “quality-of-life impacts” in relation to the noise, damage and all-around discomfort caused by the construction.

In an unrelated story, residents in Celebration, Fla.–a Disney-subdivision that has horse-and-carriage rides in its town square–are still rattled from a pair of violent incidents in their once sleepy town.¬†
Police officers engaged in a 14-hour stand-off with a 52-year-old gunman, who barracaded himself inside a home. The gunman, Craig Foushee, was firing shots at the officers before being found dead from a self-inflicted bullet wound.
Day prior, a man was found dead in his condo in Celebration. Matteo Patrick Giovanditto, who lived alone with his chihuahua, was reported missing after Thanksgiving, before neighbors found him dead in his home. Giovanditto's death was the first homicide reported in Celebration, the small Disney-created town of 11,000 residents.

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