Wake Up and Suck the Orange 2.7.08

DEAD END FOR TOLL ROAD: LA Times, OC Register – The California Coastal Commission voted 8-2 to deny the Transportation Corridor Agencies a coastal development permit for their Foothill-South (241). The Register says over 2,000 people showed up; the Times says over 3,500 attended. One surfer in attendance estimated 5,000 attendees, considering the 3,000 full seats and the number of people standing, both inside and out. It was the largest Coastal Commission hearing turnout in history, and made the New York Times.

MR. MOLESTER, MS. TRIAL: OC Register – Sid Landau, convicted child molester, has long since served his sentence. However, thanks to a deadlocked jury it seems he will remain in a mental hospital at county expense rather than being remanded to his brother's care. I can't wait until I earn more money so I can pay more taxes so I can help pay for this crap.

GREAT PARK BOARD GAMES: OC Register – Christine Shea and Stephen Choi walked out of a closed-door Great Park Board meeting, claiming the Board was inappropriately discussing a new deputy executive offer. The Register, like an inconsiderate lover, gives us plenty of juicy conflicting info, like “Tuesday's agenda listed public employment, specifically 'deputy chief executive officer' as the topic for the closed session,” as well as “[Larry] Agran said the board did not create a position or discuss creating a position in the closed session.” But there's no climactic connection; no discussion of the implications of this contradiction, other than the obvious – it WAS a meeting about the position, but everyone just sat around playing Tetris on their mobile phones rather than accomplish anything.

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