Wake Up and Suck the Orange 1.31.08

POORMAN SUES KDOC: LA Times – Dana Parsons covers the Poorman with typical dollops of smarminess. No genital warts mentioned whatsoever. I'd wax moronic but Luke Y. Thompson already covered this like a month ago (Exit Poorman, Feb. 3). So will he be a Richman? Do fiddlers play on roofs?

DEBBIE #1 GETS A BREAK: OC Register – Deborah Carona, wife of former Sheriff Mike Carona, will not be charged with inappropriate behavior while a member of the Orange County Fair Board, although the prosecution “continues to allege that she participated in schemes to profit from her husband's office.” Regardless of what she's charged with, we all know the poor thing is only guilty of marrying a man so tasteless as to choose a mistress with the same name, albeit abbreviated, as his wife, and to allow them both to become involved in his Machiavelli-meets-Rain-Man schemes.

): LA Times – David Reyes maintains the Times' position as 2nd-best source of Foothill-South coverage (next to the Weekly, of course) with this informative piece on the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act 2008, and with it the Davis Amendment which repeals previous exemptions which allowed the Foothill-South to evade California law.

(ANOTHER) OC SOLDIER KILLED IN IRAQ: OC Register – Army Pfc. Brandon Abbott Meyer was killed Monday while on patrol in Mosul. According to the Department of Defense he was from Orange. Meyer and four other soldiers killed fought with 1st Battalion, 8th Infantry Regiment Team, 4th Infantry Division from Fort Carson, Colorado. Meyer joined the Army in January 2007 and would have turned 21 on Saturday. Not old enough to drink in his country, but old enough to die for it.

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