Wake Up And Suck The Orange 1.28.08

One one hand, yes it's a bit same-y. On the OTHER hand – how often does the former sheriff of (let's be honest) one of the most important counties in America get in so much hot fudge and creamery butter FBI-style?

Not often, sir. And/or madam. Not often at all.

HOW TO REPRESENT CARONA: LA Times – A good look at how former Sheriff Michael Carona, while earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for not working, somehow managed to retain a firm pro bono – “Though not unheard of, the case — defending an allegedly corrupt sheriff who is making about $200,000 a year in retirement — is unusual by pro bono standards. Typically, pro bono work involves providing legal services to society's most vulnerable — the indigent, the homeless, the infirm.”

ROHRABACHER'S PARK DOUBLE-SPEAK: Daily Pilot – According to the Pilot, Rohrabacher cannot help with the threatened cutbacks on state parks. Surfin' Dana says this of the Governor's threat to close 48 parks:

“They are trying to scare people and keep the system the way it is, and we need to make it better and more efficient.”

Rohrabacher has no control over the situation because he’s a federal lawmaker, but state legislators vow to do what they can to stave off the cuts.

And yet he can support a toll road through another State Park. Fascinating.

MEANWHILE, BACK IN MICHAEL CORONA: LA Times – Former Sheriff Mike Carona, not to be confused with former club hit “My Sharona,” wants secret tapes of his conversations with pervert-father Don Haidl thrown out of court.

“According to the filing, investigators broke the law when they had former Assistant Sheriff Don Haidl use a body wire to record conversations with Carona on July 7, July 15 and Aug. 13. Such recordings are admissible as evidence in federal court only if the target of the investigation hasn’t retained an attorney — but Carona had had legal counsel for two years and prosecutors knew it, his attorneys argue.”

One can't help but wonder where he stashed that body-wire.

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