VnC Cocktails, Our Drink of the Week

Some nights, I just want a cocktail delivered to me without having to leave the comfort of my apartment. I've come one step closer to making this a reality with VnC Cocktails–bottles of premixed, just chill-and-serve cocktails.

VnC Cocktails include Strawberry Daiquiri, Banana Daiquiri, Mojito, Margarita, Pomegranate Cosmo and Pacific Breeze. I was lucky enough to get my hands on three bottles: Mojito, Margarita and Pomegranate Cosmo.

I'll start off with my favorite of the group–Pomegranate Cosmo. This one-liter bottle contains a blend of premium vodka, triple sec, natural flavors, pomegranate, cranberry and lime juices. The flavors manage to stay distinct, allowing this drink to actually taste like a Pomegranate Cosmo once it's poured. Normally I would avoid something premixed, but VnC uses only 100-percent natural juices and their cocktails do not contain preservatives, additives or colors. Plus, it's 150 calories or fewer per serving. Not bad VnC, not bad!

Next comes the Margarita, which I was most hesitant about trying. Finding a well-made margarita is tough, but VnC gave it a solid effort. Their margarita is a combination of premium tequila, triple sec, “natural margarita flavors,” and lemon and lime juices. This cocktail is where you can most appreciate the company's use of natural ingredients–too many bars and restaurants use sweet-and-sour mix instead of actually crafting the cocktail themselves. My only complaint about the VnC Margarita is its heavy use of lemon juice; I'd prefer a stronger lime flavor.

The Mojito is not as good as the other cocktails, but once it had time to mellow, the strong mint flavor subsided and you were able to appreciate more of the flavors. Since I enjoyed the Pomegranate and Margarita so much more (even better was mixing these two for a pomegranate margarita), I'd stick with the cocktails that focus on sweeter flavors. That seems to be more of the VnC specialty.

This New Zealand-based company sells their cocktails online, and for $13.95, you can purchase the one-liter bottles. Now it's time for me to try the rest of the VnC cocktails. Let the taste-testing begin!

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