By now you've realized that some cities in OC just don't have it as good as others. Who can compete with all the beach-city choices during summer?! Villa Park can't, that's for sure, but it doesn't mean there's nothing to do in the little city that hardly exists. After all, it has . . . houses . . . and rich people . . . and shopping centers! Okay, we're exaggerating; it's really just one shopping center. The lesson here is that you can find things to do in Villa Park; you just can't be picky.

For instance, who doesn't like going for a nice, long drive on a Sunday with the windows rolled down and the clouds passing by? Sure, driving through the canyons or along PCH would be the perfect route, but checking out neighborhoods you're unfamiliar with can be fun, too—especially when they contain only bazillion-dollar mansions. Stop by the one and only Villa Park Town Center on Santiago Boulevard, pick up some iced lattes at the Coffee Grove—oh, wait, that's in Orange. So hit the streets! There isn't a thoroughfare in Villa Park that doesn't have exquisite estates. The meandering roads give way to Spanish villas, quaint English gardens, and some futuristic, minimalist spaces. Take Lemon Street to the tip top of the hill, and it even seems a bit rural. You'll smell eucalyptus trees, and maybe even spot a horse!

When the sun goes down, we have a less-PC suggestion, one that's probably a favorite of teens at Villa Park High. One positive aspect of the city is its overly written-about lack of streetlights and its underappreciated abundance of quiet, safe streets. What better place to get high and look at the stars without the paranoia of being bothered? We recommend parking your car in an inconspicuous location—i.e., not directly in front of someone's house who's home—and taking a long walk with your pipe or joint. Because it's so dark, only passing cars will see you, and you'll have enough notice to put the goods down before they pass by. Bring a friend and enjoy the warm summer night where the stars are a little more visible.

If you're looking for structured activity, there is one community event in Villa Park during the summer. On June 21, you can participate in the city's 5K & 10K Run/Walk. It's $30 to $50 to register for the race, depending on the date you register and the distance you plan to go. The funds from the marathon will benefit the Villa Park Library (also located in the Villa Park Town Center!). According to the website (, the city is “pulling out all the stops this year.” We're not sure how many stops could be pulled, and if you don't reside in the city, it's probably pointless—but if you do, give it a try! Most of us could use more exercise, and you might as well support the one positive government entity in the one shopping center this little city has, Deborah Pauley be damned.

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