Vikings: Life and Legend

What most people know about Vikings is that they were badass motherfuckers. Guys with epic blonde beards and helmets donned with great bloody horns, tearing through villages and basically just causing chaos. However, they were also diplomatic, cosmopolitan explorers, who beat Columbus to North America, and traveled throughout much of the world. This documentary, narrated by Bettany Hughes, shares in exquisite detail the first Viking exhibition at the British Museum in more than three decades. Examine findings such as sculptures, art, coins, jewelry and more, owned by the Vikings but originating from many different countries and cultures. Most impressive, however, was the Vikings' boat mastery—their ships were both artistic and technical feats of extraordinary skill. As Hughes states, the Vikings’ “ruthless appetite and zest for life has helped to shape the modern world today.” Catch this morning screening and get inspired to go pillage something.

Sun., Jan. 4, 11 a.m., 2015

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