Viet Fashion Week 2016 Slayed

What seemed like a modest white event tent on the parking lot of the Westminster Mall this past weekend housed a red carpet, a professional catwalk, large flat screen monitors, a mini-bar, a media pit, vendor booths and well-curated fashion, proof that Viet Fashion Week (VFW) is becoming bigger and better every year.

Well-dressed Viet families with primped children settled in the front rows along the runway along with government officials such as Westminster Mayor Tri Ta and Westminster council members Diana Carey, Tyler Diep and Sergio Contreras (all taking a break from the city’s impending bankruptcy), and Garden Grove’s mayor pro tem, Steve Jones. Miss Vietnam SoCal was among the crowd of Instagram/SnapChat-famous Viet millennials toting bottles of Saigon Export beer.According to Viet bridal blogger, Matron of Style, Viet brides also flock to VFW to scout designers to commission their wedding gowns/ao dais.

Jacky Tai is one of VFW’s most notable bridal designers. This year, Tai showcased over 30 bridal looks featuring a number of traditional Vietnamese wedding ao dais in red (for good luck), gold and traditional white. His gowns embody dainty femininity. 

While many of the garments showcased at VFW were nod-worthy, one collection was especially jaw-dropping. Calvin Hiep’s incredibly avant-garde designs engaged the imaginations of any fashionistas with an appreciation for the experimental and bizarre. Hiep and his team created his collection for VFW by hand-making the accessories through the heating of plastic sheets, which are then molded into the shapes envisioned. The plastic is then covered with gold paint and details. 

VFW has outgrown its previous Westminster venues and shows no signs of slowing down. With serious designer talent and well-executed event production, expect Viet Fashion Week to not only become a staple in Westminster but in Orange County in the near future. 

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