[VIDEO:] UFO in Orange County Skies is Followed by Black Helicopters

At high noon on Sept. 29, an oval-shaped unidentified flying object was seen flying southeast of the Balboa Pier over Newport Beach.

Six short days later, there were reports of black helicopters hovering in Orange County skies.

What in Mulder and Scully is going on here?

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Actually, the reporter of the flying object to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) did not realize having seen it until looking at images snapped with an iPhone two days before.

“I did not see the object that day so I have no knowledge of its flight path or characteristics,” the spooked shutterbug relates. “I cannot attach the picture, my iPhone does not read the format of the page.”

You read that right: Steve Jobs is in on it. What's that? Dead? Really? You are soooo naive.

Then how, Men in Black tool, do you explain the black helicopters over southern Orange County so close to the UFO event? Check out this evidence on YouTube:

The poster notes the three whirlybirds hung in the air for awhile and then flew away, prompting questions into whether they were participating in data mining, weather sampling or radiation

The answer from YouTube commenter Alexander Higgins is not comforting: “Helicopters being spotted nationwide, people all over the country are reporting.”

Color me under the bed in the fetal position with my blankie.

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