Video Savant: The Jacksons' “Can You Feel It”

Steve Aoki (yeah, yeah—trustafarian douchebag, a regular Satan in hoodie and headphones, has greasy hair, yadda yadda; get over it) closed a December 2007 DJ set at Detroit Bar with the Jacksons' 1980 hit “Can You Feel It,” which I hadn't heard in about two decades. It's a fantastic song with which to climax a set—or to play as December 31 transitions into January 1.

As you can see from this OTT video, there are no self-esteem problems with those Jackson bros. Gods, they are, you'd better believe. And rich gods, to boot. Can you imagine any artist today laying down the sort of loot required to stage a spectacle like this now? Even Michael has had to drastically scale back expenditures in these grim times for the record industry—and for his own scandal-plagued life. This film is so grandiose, I can't even think of a clever simile to use right now. If I still did Ecstasy, I'd definitely want to hear “Can You Feel It” while peaking. I'm sure it would sound like the most INCREDIBLY meaningful song EVER. *tear*

“Can You Feel It” builds with a relentless, positive momentum that you expect to hear on TV promo segments for the Olympic Games. You can't help being filled with an inflated sense of elation and purpose as its six-minute duration (re: the 12” version) progresses. It's totally apt that the album on which “Can You Feel It” appears is titled Triumph and that Jane Fonda snagged it for one of her early-'80s workout tapes. Pop it on and, voilà, instant delusions of grandeur!

(The Jacksons [or their handlers] get bonus points for using Ken Nordine for the voice-over; I could listen to his deep, well-modulated tones till you start appreciating Steve Aoki.)

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