VIDEO: Fullerton Residents Speak About Solutions to City's Homeless

On the surface, Fullerton seems like a slice of suburban utopia, with its nice schools, a quaint-by-day, lively-by-night downtown and sublime nature trails. But as those who live in the city and nearby know, problems are a'plenty in the town.

The issue of homelessness in Fullerton became national news after six Fullerton Police officers beat Kelly Thomas to death near the Fullerton Transportation Center on July 5, 2011. The attack sparked a public outcry against police and political corruption in the city, and a demand for greater resources and respect for the homeless community.

The topic of homelessness rose to the surface again in June when Fullerton police evicted a sizable transient encampment in front of the shuttered Hunt Branch Library.


In this video, we asked members of the community, including Mayor Bruce Whitaker, city council members, business owners, activists and formerly homeless folks what's their personal solution to homelessness in Fullerton.

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