Video: “Fashion Show” by LMNO & Yann Kesz Feat. JFK of Grayskul

Few local acts know how to put together a good music video on a shoestring budget quite like LMNO and the crew of Long Beach hip-hop label Up Above Records. Last month, they fired one out for “Faith is Fact”–from the 2009 album Devilish Dandruff with Holy Shampooa collaboration between LMNO and French producer Yann Kesz. 

Last week, this sage MC released video for another single off the album, “Fashion Show,” featuring JFK of Seattle rap duo Grayskul. It features sinfully hilarious footage of models falling on their asses. 


As you can see, the only complicated thing about the video is the razor sharp cadence of LMNO's rhymes as he and JFK strut back and forth in a warehouse in front of a wide-angle lens as a flurry of bone-breaking catwalk bloopers showcase a model's worst nightmare. If nothing else, consider this video a warning about the dangers of walking in high heels.

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