VIDEO: Anderson Cooper's Food Intervention, Part Two

Thanks to the massive response from his first food intervention, producers of Anderson are milking host Anderson Cooper's distaste for all things he'd rather not eat and spun it around for the episode that aired Thursday.

In an intervention that eaters of all ages could relate to, viewers cheered as Cooper tried many foods for the first time with those who were just as nervous . . . kids.

One of the more notable segments answers the age-old question (for those who don't already know the answer): What exactly are hot dogs made of? The answer is on the level of viewing Super Size Me, as Anderson plays around with the discovery.

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Aw, heck, might as well watch him grimace one more time on camera! Here he is (with a little moral support from fellow picky eaters) sampling his first olive. We don't know what's better: Watching Lou-Lou put Andy in his place for taking her napkin, checking out the squirm on his face, or having kidlet Jayden school him on eating olives.

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