Veterans Day Special At Bruxie

It's easy to lose sight of what a holiday represents. Whether it be a day off school or work, there is always significance to what we are observing. In a month where we give thanks, today we are thanking those who have served in the armed forces. Regardless of how you feel about the military, these people put their lives before ours. Show some respect.

We looked up lists of food specials for vets, but noticed our go-to waffle brand was left out of the mix. They might not be the big boy chains streaming commercials and celeb endorsements, but Bruxie is a local joint that's done well for themselves.


In fact, November is their anniversary month. Four years ago, a little walk-up was launched kitty corner to Chapman University. And the rest is waffle-making history. To celebrate, they created both a new sandwich that was launched over the weekend and are offering it to all veterans today, free of charge.

Called the Buffalo Chicken Bruxie, folks can bite into a fried chicken breast slathered in the tangy hot sauce. To counter that sting, they top it with blue cheese crumbles, celery-carrot slaw and drizzled buttermilk ranch. If you know an individual who has served their country (and you think they can handle the heat), pay it forward and pass it on– it's also a light commute day thanks to them.

For your nearest Bruxie location, click here.

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