Valentine's Dinner Suggestion: Xa Sweet & Savory Cafe

Have you made reservations yet? If you're dreading the research and phone calls, I'm here to help. It's too boring to compile a lengthy list of properties. I'd rather share an edited few for your reference. So let's begin with my number one pick for 2013.

Get past the unassuming strip mall exterior, and you'll find one of the better dining spots in the vicinity of the Orange Crush. Shawn Xa is known for both his extensive cookie collection and his healthy meals that manage to be darn tasty.


Xa's Valentine's, four-course dinner is being served on both Friday and Saturday, from 5:30 – 8 p.m. The cost: $130 per couple. Make reservations, since this is a petite space.

Course one:
Grilled shrimp, charred kiwi, medley lettuce, champagne strawberry vinaigrette.

Course two:
Crispy salmon, julienne vegetable, chocolate strawberry balsamic

Course three:
Filet mignon, white corn risotto, seasonal vegetable, beef jus

Dessert course:
Chocolate creme brule, grilled strawberry

If you're not able to secure a table, or don't want to pay so much, don't fret. There's always a dozen (or more) cookies to be purchased for $12.

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