Updates From Tustin's Union Market!

Slowly but surely, Tustin's growing dining and retail space within The District continues to open with its newest tenants. Besides the eateries about to open, we've got news on three additional players on this evolving property.

Up and running this week, Crepe Coop's daily operating hours are from noon to 10 p.m. These sweet handhelds are enough for two to share, but you'll end up ordering your own. Get your fruit fix, your ice cream fix and your crepe fix in every bite.


Cookie shots are the star at The Dirty Cookie, scheduled to be up and running by the end of this month. If you can't wait, the Central Bar is currently pouring a few concoctions into these chocolate-coated, edible cups. Founders (and owners) Shahira Marei and Sally Elgamil designed the proprietary design and custom molds for their portable product.

On the savory end, The Kroft's comfort food menu is waiting to pass their final inspections. Our best guess is that they're 30 days out. Maybe sooner, since hiring took place a few weeks ago. Hurry up, guys! We need an order of chili-mac in our lives.

A trio of eateries have announced plans to build out at Union Market. First up, Market2Plate describes themselves as, “an eatery that combines the freshness of locally sourced produce and the tradition of hand-shaped pasta dishes to create something unique.” With plans to move into both Tustin and the sister hall in Mission Viejo, expect a plethora of sauce and pasta combinations, weekend eggy plates and a handful of savory salads.

Belage Gourmet out of Garden Grove also has plans to expand to Tustin. A French pastry shoppe with two locations under their belt, they'll be offering more of the desserts, croissants and baguettes they are known for. Regulars order the green tea flans and lattes.

Finally, Churned Creamery will be launching their flagship location in the coming months. Offering both gelato and ice cream, prepare for cool, customizable treats utilizing a combination of high tech equipment and fresh ingredients. Sounds like quite the brain freeze.

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