[UPDATED New Video on YouTube] Radiohead Releasing New Album This Weekend

UPDATE, 12 P.M., FEB. 18: Brand new video for the song “Lotus Flower” from new digital (for now) release The King of Lambs is up on YouTube. Thom Yorke gets down in this clip, and the song is like a chilled-out, almost soulful take on their Kid A-era sound  Very cool. You can watch the video after the jump.

ORIGINAL ITEM, 8:40 P.M., FEB. 15: This time around, Radiohead is not offering a “name your price” album download, but they are offering a new album, which is the important part. The Oxford, U.K., quintet are releasing a digital version of their eighth studio album, The King of Lambs, this weekend, according to their website. They are calling it their “newspaper album” and will include two clear 10-inch vinyl records, a CD and large sheets of artwork, 625 small pieces of artwork and a plastic sleeve. The album can be pre-ordered here, and you can download it in its on Saturday. The full package will ship on May 9.


​​The digital album will be $9 for MP3 and $14 for WAV files (shipping included). The physical album will be sold at $48 and $53, including WAVs. We have not heard anything about the album itself, but we do know that longtime collaborator Nigel Godrich produced. Going by the band's incredible catalog, it should be worth the money.

Radiohead: “Lotus Flower”


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