[UPDATED Muppets 'Monster' Remix] Kanye West's 'Monstrous' New Video Leaked

UPDATE, 12:15 P.M., JAN. 10: Kanye's leaked “Monster” video was made into a Muppets-style “Monster” remix. Check it out below.

ORIGINAL ITEM, 8:47 A.M., JAN. 3: After a momentous 2010, Kanye West looks to raise the stakes even higher in 2011. A possibly unfinished version of the video for his next single, “Monster,” leaked online this weekend, and it's pretty twisted. West, Jay-Z, Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj rap their way through a macabre, Bret Easton Ellis-esque parade of dead and dismembered models.


Minaj in particular is being singled out for her jaw-dropping verse and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-inspired sequence in which two of her personae, one a fanged dominatrix and the other a pink-wigged, girlishly voiced innocent, trade bars. Her performance is the most impressive of her guest verses yet, and it's sure to feature on year-end “best of” lists for 2011. 

The rest of the video is no less disturbing. West carries the severed head one of the models by her hair, and we don't really want to get into the psychology of that. He's still riding high after My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and this video is further proof he has the talent to back up his mouth.
Kanye's Leaked Video:

Muppet Remix:

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