[UPDATED] John Taylor Skilling, Son of Former Enron CEO, Found Dead in His OC Apartment

UPDATE, FEB. 9, 1:10 P.M.: Former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling was denied the chance to attend his son's funeral on Monday, according to the LA Times. His son, John Taylor (J.T.) Skilling, was found dead last week in his Santa Ana apartment.
The elder Skilling's attorney had been in discussion with the U.S. Bureau of Prisons to allow the grieving father the ability to attend. Skilling is serving a 24-year sentence for multiple charges following his involvement in the Enron downfall.

ORIGINAL POST, FEB. 3, 6:54 P.M.: John Taylor Skilling, son of former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling and a student at Chapman University was found dead in his apartment Thursday evening. When police entered the room, Skilling was laying near bottles of medication.


According to a New York Daily News story, Skilling, 20, was said to be upset over a recent breakup, based on what sources told police. 
After Skilling, who went by the nickname J.T., didn't show up for dinner, friends contacted authorities who then found the body in his apartment. Skilling was a sophomore at Chapman and was involved with the campus radio station.
Authorities are awaiting a toxicology report before ruling out homicide. Results could take four to six weeks. 

As anyone over the age of 15 may remember, the elder Skilling was charged with fraud, insider trading, and various other crimes following the epic collapse of the energy company, Enron. He's currently serving 24 years in prison. His son was 15 when he was convicted, and appeared in the courtroom at different points throughout the hearing.

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