[UPDATED] Erika Kayne and Ray Jr. Dabble in Shock Pop with 'She Said (Don't Cum In Me)'

UPDATE: Our original post had mistakenly attributed the video to Ray J., Brandi's brother.

It's hard to tell whether R&B singers Ray Jr. and Erika Kayne are serious about their video “She Said (Don't Cum In Me).” Maybe it's because no one in their right mind would want to cum in her. The video–directed by a “Giuseppe Palumbo,” clearly a fake name–is eloquently tasteless. If you like listening to Ray Jr. rap about grabbing breasts and loving pussy, you are certainly watching the right work of “art.”


One of the hottest Internet video memes since Antoine Dodson's “Bed Intruder Song,” this little ditty is being passed around online like a groupie backstage at one of Ray Jr.'s performances.  Unfortunately, this X-rated slow jam is one of the least sexy songs about sex in a very long time.
It's hard to comprehend Ray's mindset when he sings, “She a beast bent over, and can take it like a solder.” Perhaps it's an anti-Don't Ask Don't Tell reference? Admirable, but pretty gross in this context. Little-to-no information is available online for Ray Jr. (aka Young Ray, aka “not Ray J”), so we can only speculate as to his political beliefs. Below is a lovely snapshot taken from the porn, I mean, MUSIC video. Enjoy.


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