UPDATED: Earthquake! 5.4 Near Borrego Springs

No, that wasn't you having a meth flashback. Yes, the ground was shaking. The US Geological Survey says that a 5.4 quake centered near Borrego Springs–inland from Orange County–has already produced more than a dozen aftershocks, one a 3.6er.


Don't worry about tsunamis, though, NOAA says.
It was originally listed as a 5.9er, but quickly was downgraded.
A few snap reactions from our Twitter feed:

Earthquakes are fun when they are little like that one…#freerideonmycouch

I feel like the 1st thing ppl do when there is an earthquake is reach for their phone to tweet about it! Lol.

I felt the earthquake. I felt the earthquake. Why am I feeling special abou this??

We agree with all of the above sentiments. Feel it? See any damage? Let us know.
Update 5:31 p.m.: A quick damage scan from nearby papers:
The quake was apparently born of the San Jacinto fault and was not an aftershock to the 7.2 Easter quake centered in Baja California. But that Baja quake likely did increase the stress on the San Jacinto fault.
Below is the USGS's “did you feel it?” map. Notice the heavily turquoise OC region:

Chime in with a comment below about your quake tales.

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