[UPDATE: Crisis Averted!] Angels to Honor Captain of the Evil Empire Yankees, Derek Jeter–WTF?

UPDATE, 2:30 P.M.,AUGUST 17, 2011: Thanks to commenter MayhemIntheHood, we've learned that the event is actually not happening. Crisis averted, indeed. Check out Halos Heaven for more details.

ORIGINAL POST, NOON, AUGUST 17, 2011: Maybe the Democrats should honor Michelle Bachman at their national convention for her continued commitment to lunacy. Or Rick Warren can celebrate renowned evolutionary biologist, Richard Dawkins at Saddleback (Super)Church. Neither is scheduled to happen, but they make about as much sense as the Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles' decision to honor Derek Jeter on Sept. 9th at Angel Stadium.

Angels management actually thinks this is a good idea? There's no way Mike Scioscia is cool with this. 
So, WTF?

There's no questioning that Jeter is a class-act, a consummate professional and a hell of a baseball player for the New York Yankees. His recent achievement of 3,000 hits–all as a Yankee, the first player to do so–by crushing a home run into the left field seats at Yankee Stadium, put him in an elite class. 

BUT! … he's still a Yankee. He's still a regular member of the Yankees line-up. He can still play a role in preventing the Angels from making the playoffs. He hasn't even announced that retirement is even on his mind. So why is he getting the farewell tour treatment?
In Jeter's last series this season in Southern California (unless he happens to make it this way for the playoffs) the Angels plan to “showcase” Jeter. Yes, they will take time to commend a man from an opposing team for his achievement, not a man who didn't prevented some catastrophic event or cured some incurable disease. 

Surely there will be plenty of Yankees fans in attendance since being a Yankee fan or wearing a Yankee hat is as trendy as planking. Hopefully the rest of the Angels faithful will do the right thing and give him the Charlie Sheen treatment. No, not going crazy and #winning. This Charlie Sheen treatment–boo his ass off the field. (Staffer Note: The Weekly does not condone the throwing-and wasting–of beer.)

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