UPDATE: Ashley Guzman Of SOCIAL, No Longer With Restaurant

[UPDATE: 3/7/16] Chef Jeffrey Boullt’s departure from SOCIAL was confirmed earlier today. Per Chef Boullt, 

“Our relationship has been ended amicably. I love cooking. I will continue to cook from my heart, turn people’s heads and preach integrity wherever I go.”

Insert sad emoticon here.

[ORIGINAL POST: 3/2/16, 8:29 a.m.] Costa Mesa just got a reality check: The dynamic duo over at SOCIAL is no longer, as Ashley Guzman was let go from the establishment. We weren’t aware of this when the restaurant served us our biscuits and gravy at Fresh Toast over the weekend, meaning this news is breaking. 

Desserts were revamped when Guzman came on board late last year. She just returned from vacation when this went down, meaning staff was trained on recipes leading up to her trip. We reached out to last year’s Golden Foodie Awards winner for Best Pastry Chef for a statement. This is what Guzman had to say, 

“I felt really lucky to be brought on to a growing restaurant group to create a legitimate pastry program. And I’m hurt, that after doing my end of the job they have decided that I’m not needed anymore. SOCIAL has a young, talented group of chefs, and I’m sad that they have decided to end things with me this way.”

This past year, Ashley has been linked to The North Left and Irenia Supper Club pop-up. We know her pastry abilities, and have no doubts she will move onward and upward. Any establishment would be lucky to take her in. But to SOCIAL, we are wondering what the game plan is. In recent months, you dropped your head bartender, your PR group, servers are leaving, and now this. There is talk of expansion, but from the looks of things it’s going the other way.

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