Upcoming: Jewlicious Festival in Long Beach

Ladies and gents, believers and gentiles: Once again, it's time for the Jewlicious Fest in Long Beach, so mark Feb. 29 through March 2 on your calendars. If you haven't heard of Jewlicious, it's basically the Woodstock of Judaism, with three days of music, food and Kiddush Wine. A festival for the artist and the curious college student.

One highlight of the fest will be Brooklyn rapper Matisyahu, famous for his hit song “King without a crown,” who will be speaking about spirituality. The event will spotlight other newer Jewish acts, including Moshav, an Israeli folk-rocker born in the hills between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and Y-Love, who converted to Orthodox Judaism in 2000. Also in attendance will be Love, a New York rapper breaking new ground in hip-hop by not just rapping in Yiddish and English but Aramaic, as well. Yes, Aramaic can be used in more than just Mel Gibson movies.

Festival news and updates here.

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