Unsung Brewing Sylvan IPA, Our Beer of the Week!

I’m not sure how many superheroes come back from the dead, but when I saw Unsung’s O.G. Sylvan IPA on tap at Anaheim’s Promenade Pub, I felt like my infinity gauntlet of beer just got the final jewel and I took control of time. You see, Sylvan was one of Unsung’s first beers, and to see its triumphant return had me feeling a bit all powerful.

Unsung’s lineup of comic book-inspired beers and their universe have taken Orange County beer by storm over the last two years, including some recent barrel-aged beers that were stunners. But when they first opened with Sylvan, I was taken aback at a brewery that came out the gate with beers that rival that of seasoned veterans. 

Sylvan IPA is west coast in approach, super dry, with a citrus-like hop character that is effortless to consume. With the myriad of hazy IPA on the market, its bright, crisp, and clean finish is as refreshing as IPA’s were two years ago. Sylvan is a perfect match for Promenade Pub’s pulled pork sandwich, which is full of juicy bits layered on a toothsome French roll. Do yourself a favor and add the tots!

“That beer has been transformed into something that wasn’t intended,” notes Unsung owner Mike Crea. “Pilsner malt makes up the base, a little biscuit, and some light Munich for flavor and color. So currently, the tasting notes have been citrus with more of a woody dank character with some light notes of wheat bread and nutty on the palate.”

Promenade Pub is a three-minute walk from Unsung’s Anaheim tasting room inside the black Make building, right across the street from Anaheim City hall at the end of Center Street. Crawl to both!

Promenade Pub , 215 S Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim, (714) 860-4555. Unsung Brewing tasting room, 500 S Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim, (714) 406-3098.

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