Photo by Perou UNDERWORLD

Sometimes, one song is so incredible, so epic, so filled with joy I don't even mind spending a laughably expensive sum for the whole CD. And English electronica supergroup Underworld just happens to have this knack for writing those kinds of songs, and they do it again on “Two Months Off,” a track off this fourth studio album. With carnivalesque percussion, simple keyboard lines and Underworld's Karl Hyde singing the mantra, “You bring light in,” “Two Months Off” is the ridiculous giddy shock you'd feel if you'd somehow won an impossibly sexy dream vacation. And once you've arrived—tipsy off the exquisite champagne served on the airplane—you find all your best friends, waiting to present you with the best gift you've ever received. Oh, yeah, the other nine songs on A Hundred Days Off are pretty good, too. But “Two Months Off” is special. Who cares if their perky percussion and perkier keyboards are just formula, something they've been doing since the fantastic track “Kittens” off their third studio album, Beaucoup Fish? These tunes are the antidote for everything that pissed me off today, yesterday, tomorrow and beyond.

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