Twin Infinity- An Intergalactic Nemesis Live Action Graphic Novel

Pow! Bang! Zoom! all the action and adventure packed in the pages of a handheld graphic novel are brought to life by the Intergalactic Nemesis Live Graphic Novel show. Featuring three voice actors and a foley artist, this story takes you to the world of 1940's comic books and old-time radio serials while over 1,000 illustrated panels are projected in the background to give you the full visual and auditory experience of a comic book. And although this story is the third installment of the Intergalactic Nemesis series, the uninitiated can still enjoy this sequel without having seen the first two chapters. This thrilling trilogy was first performed in 1996 in an Austin coffeehouse, and today entertains audiences around the world; come see it at Samueli Theater and revel in this retro escape.

Sat., March 21, noon; Sun., March 22, noon, 2015

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