Tweets From the Park: Gay Days Edition

Mary Bell/OC Weekly

Welcome to this week's special edition of Tweets From the Park, featuring the most disgustingly homophobic, the most irreverent and the funniest tweets we could gather from Disneyland Resort during last week's Gay Days! And, actually, this year's tweets aren't nearly as horrible as last year's. We're pleasantly surprised. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

denisecardiel: its gay day today at disneyland! grosssss


SalenaEvetteBby: Omg DisneyLand Is Full Of Fuckin GayyAssFagsss
Noo Joke Like I'm Never Wearing Red Again! It Ohk To Be Gay! Its Just If
Yer A Guy Don't …

AmandaMJayne: Went to Disneyland and the park was filled with
impeccably groomed groups of men in red shirts with no children. Gay
day. We left.

ExtraChrispyy: Jose: Yeah I Went To Disneyland And It Was A Gay
Day! Me: Why Its The Best! Jose: Nooo It Was Actually A GAY DAY For Gay
People! To Funny!

Tegustamegusta: @aurosan Who doesn't know that these places are
gay hubs btw? It's like being shocked that they sell candy and toys at

Mary Bell/OC Weekly

CassieDavenport: note to self: if you wanna go to Disneyland, make sure it's not gay day, or u'll end up feeling awkward lol

DFordThePilot: Oh yea n for disneyland to have a gay day is file
as fuck my daughter had to c two grown men kiss and that shit wasn't koo
at all

AndreEdelstein: Unusual amount of fairies at disneyland yesterday. Come to find out sunday was “gay day”.

dawnmenace: Saw two old dudes holding hands at Disneyland. Seriously California let them be man and man already. Happy Gay Days people!

midnightfaerie: So many cute guys at Disneyland. Oh wait…..its gay day. -_____- Now it all makes sense.

denisecardiel: ok now i know why disneyland was filled with gay people. its gay weekend at disneyland. its a tradition? lmao wow

annaknitsalot: Just started and ended a fight with my brother regarding gay days at disneyland. I cannot we come from the same household.

jasonvilla: So…is today gay day at disneyland?? Cause there's a lot of friendly dudes here today…

SoCalPrep: Don't know if I will ever look at my Nantucket Reds the same way after seeing Gay Days at Disneyland

princsscalamity: Look at all the gays, mommy! I love Gay Days at Disneyland.

Leftynick: Im at disneyland N its gay pride day… omgg -_- imma die

aaron6890: Whoa its gay day at Disneyland? Glad I didn't go
today. No that there's anything wrong with that, I just don't like
getting eye raped by men

markdietrich: Walking through Disneyland on Gay Day is witnessing an audition for “Biggest Loser: Bears”.

Volcomstarz: Gay day@Disneyland=Red shirts, 90%gay guys+homophobes=Funny interesting experience!! LoL

LopezMarc: @AntZepeda dog im at disneyland today and it just
happens too be gay day. Theres a bunch of fruits walking around in red
shirts #EpicFail

thusIsam: The day i wear my red matix shirt its red gay day shirt day at disneyland

_SALVADOR_: Gay day at disneyland……. And i came today. nothing against them but……

RobbyPetersen: At Disneyland…it's gay day….smells like butt sex and cigarettes

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