Tutting Your Skillz, Bro: 5 Most Ludicrous Dubstep Dances

‚ÄčAmong all the screeching and wobbling of dubstep, the newest music sensation in America, there are dances that go with all the noisy bass drops. Some find it annoying to watch while others think it's an extreme talent. I find these godawful. See what you think of these five ludicrous dubstep dances after the jump.

5. Tutting

Unleash your fingers with a prayer position. There are many moves that can be added to the style of tutting, but the idea is to act like an Egyptian while popping. Except this is not the '80s, don't try to walk like King Tut.

4. Flailing

Either she is a flailing fish or trying to get out of a sanitarium. No matter the case, this move is ridiculous. If you see anyone doing this in the club, please give them water or call security and have them escorted out.

3. Skanking

Go stupid, go stupid…It's not your birthday… Skanking to dubstep is not comparable to when people skank to ska. In this case, people dance awkwardly while their bodies try to flow with the music. Key word: “Try.”

2. Vibrations

Shake, shake, shake like you have a seizure. Have to much coke for breakfast bro? The idea of this move is to shake violently with the erratic bass drops and wobbling like it was an earthquake.

1. Shuffling

Wait for it, wait for it. Now dance like it's Saturday Night Fever. Shuffling is a dance craze that has taken over mainstream EDM fans all over. Shall we say it is the Dougie of techno? Sure, let's say that, and maybe it will be gone in half a year. If the floor changed colors with each stomp, like in this video, though, we'd like it better.

Bonus footage

If you didn't find any of the prior videos annoying, I promise this one will do the trick:

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