Formed in Oxford, England, in 2004, TTNG originally named their band This Town Needs Guns, a cleverly ironic nod to the fact that no one in England really owns firearms. Then, as the group started to tour and gain popularity, especially in the United States—well, what was once a locally-appropriate inside joke became in danger of being taken seriously. So, they renamed, regrouped, and kept on math-rockin. With their beautifully complicated hooks, rhythms and beats, the men of TTNG (Henry Tremain and brothers Chris and Tim Collis) create a perfectly tangled sound lightened by buoyant vocals. Tonight marks the inaugural concert of their North American tour, with support from Mylets and Emma Ruth Rundle, presented by label Sargent House—don't miss it.

Mon., Oct. 20, 8 p.m., 2014

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