Try Our NAMM-Tastic Scavenger Hunt!

Its that time again, OC! NAMM weekend is here. What started in 1901 as a small meet-up for musical instrument makers has evolved into the world’s largest musical instrument trade show. Once again this weekend, it brings to Anaheim more than 7,000 brands, cutting edge industry education across hundreds of sessions, as well as special events, concerts and “only at NAMM” moments.

Get ready to weave your way through barrages of weird and great gear that costs more than your house. Prepare to meet Macho Man Randy Savage impersonators while in line to meet someone from KISS or No Doubt or Godsmack (only knowing for sure once you arrive). Marvel at wall-to-wall amplifiers stacked as high as the eye can see while bumping into 50 different men that you are sure are your middle school friend’s dad. Behold, every laser, light and fog machine known to mankind all under one stucco roof! The free picks, wet wipes, and key chains will be flowing faster than you can figure out how you got the credentials to get in.

This year celebrate all the innovative, informative, wild, and weird products and moments that NAMM has to offer by joining us in playing the NAMM Scavenger Hunt! If you find everything on this list, give yourself a high-five and let yourself buy something weird or new, you are a NAMM warrior superstar and you deserve it. If you find em all on the first day, I will personally wait in line 45 minutes to shake your hand even though I don’t know who you are.

Let the NAMM Scavenging begin!

-Flesh colored headset mic

-KISS boots

-Secret performance

-Gear demo

-Unnecessary keyboard attachment

-Getting a reusable bag from the Orange Amps booth

-People dressed like GWAR

-Someone wearing S&M gear

-Floppy hat

-Guitar that costs more than your car

-Attending an educational session

-Dude passing out burned demo CDs

-Canadian tuxedo

-NuMetal superstar

-Guy waiting to be recognized

-Photographer working

-Somebody sneaking in

-Drum solo

-Pot leaf anything

-Indoor vaping


-Flame anything

-Feather boa

-Live band in hotel lobby

-Cover band or the real band I can’t tell

-Guy Fieri Goatee

-Tie-dye Anything

-Alice Cooper

-Someone overplaying to try to get an endorsement

-Sunglasses inside

-Autograph signing in a hallway

-Impromptu stoner jam session at LP Booth

-Person in camo playing Metallica riffs

-Drink an overpriced beverage

-Attendees mansplaining software to other attendees

-A new product you’re genuinely stoked about!

-Weird mic stand

-Celebrity impersonator

-Giant squishy carpet

-Run into an old friend

-Actual celebrity

-Snakeskin anything

-Lady getting paid to be sexy near gear

-7 string bass

-Hotel party

-Wacky color saxophone

-Someone playing a Coldplay song on piano

-Dick Dale Ponytail

-All leather

-Person holding up phone to get a signal

-Decibal monitor

-Golf cart

-Guitar with 2 or more necks

-Free parking

-Light show

-Aggressive hovering over electronic drum kit

-Product that unnecessarily vibrates


-Instrument with unnecessary handle

-Person trying to conduct business

-Spiked anything

-People comparing anything to an SM57

-Actually finding the Yamaha booth

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